Why Join?

Kingsville Essex Associated Band is Canada’s Longest continuously running community marching band, founded in 1937. With members of all ages and skill levels, we offer an incredible opportunity to anyone interested! This is a family-oriented band, encouraging and supporting our members as they continue to develop their skills at all levels while having a great time.


Learn and Grow As A Performer

Not only does the Kingsville Essex Associated Band offer classes for those with little or no experience, it is a great opportunity for those who have been playing for a number of years to continue to develop their skills as part of a performing organization.

Members of the band will also receive weekly drill instruction. This allows musicians who haven’t previously performed as part of a marching band to pick up the necessary skills.


Earn Your Volunteer Hours

Students currently working on earning the necessary volunteer hours for school will have the opportunity to earn more than enough simply by being involved in the organization. Just don’t forget to bring the necessary paperwork for our leadership to complete!


Learn Important Life Skills 

Learning and engaging in music and the arts not only provides performers with the opportunity to develop and express their creativity, but there are also a number of studies revealing the many benefits of music on our lives as a whole. This includes improving language processing skills, boosting memory, and optimizing brain function. Furthermore, involvement with the Kingsville Essex Associated Band will provide members with the opportunity to improve life skills including responsibility, teamwork, public speaking, and leadership.

Our Youth Leadership Program is an incredible opportunity for students during their final years of high school to take on a leadership role in the band under the direction of our skilled instructors, preparing them for life after high school.


Exciting Performance Opportunities

The Kingsville Essex Associated Band performs throughout Windsor and Essex County as part of many local festivals and parades including many of the local Santa Claus Parades, LaSalle Strawberry Festival, Tecumseh Corn Fest, Ruthven Apple Festival, Harrow Fair, and more. Not only do we perform as a marching unit, but the band also performs occasionally in a more traditional concert setting. Each summer, members of the band have the opportunity to travel to Canada’s Wonderland where we perform marching through the park, followed by a fun day in the park. Other opportunities to the travel with the band will come up, open only to members of the organization. In the past, the band has performed in Ottawa, at the Calgary Stampede, and in Disney!


If you are interested in learning more about the band or are interested in registration, please visit our Contact Page, email info@keab.ca or stop by one of our Thursday night rehearsals to check it out first hand. Our instructors and executive members would be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have.