Kingsville Essex Associated Band Gives Back to Local Food Bank!

If you’ve been following the news recently, you likely heard the news about the robbery earlier this year at the Kids First Food Bank in Windsor. An important organization here in Windsor/Essex County, this tragedy forced the food bank to close their doors while they addressed the situation. The impact was felt most by those who rely on the programs that the organization offers.

Upset by the news and the impact it would have on our community, the Kingsville Essex Associated Band family knew that we had to do our part! 

Over a 2 week period in January, members were asked to bring donations of non-perishable food items and other necessary goods (paper towels, toothpaste, etc.) to rehearsal. The result? We were able to make a significant donation to assist those in need. The donation was dropped off to the Kids First Food Bank at the end of the month.

We are all a community here in Windsor/Essex, and it’s important to stand together as such when faced with challenges!

young girl sitting among non-perishable food items for food bank donation
We send our love to all that were impacted by this senseless crime and thank all involved with the Kids First Food Bank and all other similar organizations across the area for the hard work they do every day for the people of Windsor/Essex Count

Thank you to the members, leadership and extended band family for contributing to this fundraiser.

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